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Top 5: Best graffiti stickers for 2023

Top 5: Best graffiti stickers for 2023

Before to dive into it, let's cover a few basics:

Types of Stickers: Now you know how we feel about Egg Shell stickers, Eggshell stickers reign supreme. Their adhesive power is unparalleled, making them your secret weapon against the buff. Vinyl stickers offer durability and color pop, but are extremely easy to peel off. That's the issue with them. Coated paper stickers are budget-friendly but don't stand up well outdoors. Paper stickers are old-school but not the best for longevity.

Paint Markers Matter:

Paint markers are your ride-or-die partners for sticker bombing. Your sticker is only as permanent as your paint marker, that's why we recommend an uni marker for the most permanent lines available. They deliver opacity and endurance, giving your stickers that extra oomph. Ink markers have their place but shine better on paper.

Now let's dive into the list..

1. Blankslaps Holographic Egg Shell Stickers- Shine Like a Diamond 

Prepare to turn heads with the Blankslaps Holographic Eggshell Stickers. These babies shimmer and glimmer as they stick, adding a touch of magic to your graffiti game. Premium eggshell finish means they'll outlast the buff, ensuring your art stays on display. The material is shiny and does not fade in the sun.Blankslaps holographic eggshell stickers


2. Blankslaps White Egg Shell Stickers- Classic Canvas, Stupid Deals

Blankslaps White Eggshell Stickers are your blank canvas, ready for your artistic wizardry. Their super adhesive nature and clean white surface make them perfect for bold statements and intricate designs alike. These stickers mean business.

White Blankslaps Egg Shell Stickers

3. Jumbo USPS Egg Shell Stickers - Tag, Stamp, Deliver

Give your graffiti the authentic USPS touch with Blankslaps USPS Style Egg Shell Stickers. A classic homage to the 228 label beloved by writers. Except this label is made out of the most durable eggshell material available, not the flimsy, nonpermanent paper of the postal slaps. Embrace the urban postal vibe and make your mark with a nod to iconic style. Super adhesive and weather-resistant – these stickers deliver every time.Blankslaps USPS Egg Shell Stickers

4. Blankslaps Mini Wavy Egg Shell Stickers - Waves of Creativity

Add a touch of swag with the Blankslaps Mini Wavy Egg Shell Stickers. These little wonders pack a punch with their wavy design and premium eggshell coating. Small but mighty, they're the perfect companions for your next street art adventure. Make sure to stock up these when we're in stock, they go fast!Blankslaps mini wavy border egg shell stickers

5. Blankslaps Black Eggshell Stickers - Dark and Dominant

Make a statement with Blankslaps Black Eggshell Stickers. Their sleek black canvas and super adhesive properties ensure your tags stay put, rain or shine. Unleash your creativity on the darkest of nights with these graffiti essentials.Blankslaps Black Egg Shell Stickers

So, there you have it folks. Your guide to the dopest blank graffiti stickers of 2023. Blankslaps - the world is your your canvas.  



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