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How to draw graffiti letters. Graff 101

How to draw graffiti letters. Graff 101

Welcome, writers, artists, handstylers, and evveryone else! Prepare to dive headfirst into the enormous rabbit hole of the drawing graffiti. We will drop a few knowledge bombs that will elevate your tag game from scribbles to masterpieces demanding attention.

Part 1: Learn & Practice

Research and History: Tagging is more than just spray paint on a wall; it's an art form with a rich history. Delve into its evolution over the years, and discern the nuances between modern, classic, and outdated trends. You'll find gems like "Subway Art" by Martha Cooper and the documentary "Style Wars" by Henry Chalfant invaluable in your quest for inspiration. 

Study the Masters: Before you unleash your creative fury, take a gander at the work of other graffiti artists. Snap some pics of local pieces or scour the web for intriguing graffiti. These visuals will be your guiding stars as you craft your distinctive style. Check out Twist, Amaze, Faust, and find others you love.

Legal Practice Makes Perfect: Make sure to practice before you go and try to do your thing. Scope out spots like to find a legal wall in your area.

Local Flavor: Just like hip-hop, tagging evolves differently in various cities. Absorb the local vibes, tap into regional styles, and connect with fellow artists. Embrace your hometown flavor while also drawing inspiration from the global scene.

Part 2: Develop Your Style

Paper and Pen Swagger: Before you get out into the streets, hone your skills on paper. Sketch your tag ideas using good old pen and paper. Perfect your letters, flow, and overall style before you take on the streets. Shitty graffiti is not cool my friends, this is all about making some cool looking stuff.

Pick your name, wisely: Whether you choose an alias now or later, make sure it's unique and memorable. Don't be a copycat – make sure your alias stands out from the crowd. Pretty much every common word is locked down by a legend, take a note from McRib, Kawasaki, or Habanero, and choose a unique name that will help you stand out.

Static Fonts to Flowing Art: Tagging is more than just letters; it's about movement and style. Start with static fonts like Arial or Sans-Serif. Simply knowing how to draw Helvetica Black perfectly will give you a huge aresenal of typographic tools to work from. Gradually, infuse your letters with that fluid dynamism. Play with angles, spacing, and symmetry to create a visual rhythm that's uniquely yours.

Copy, But Don't Bite: Everyone starts somewhere, so feel free to mimic styles initially. However, strive to add your personal twist and flair. Remember, you're on a journey to create your distinct voice.

Practice, Practice, Practice: Assemble your letters into a complete tag. Experiment with how each letter flows into the next. You're aiming for that seamless transition that makes your tag dance across the canvas. Let's be real, you're going to have to spend thousands of hours drawing graffiti to make it flow like the masters.

Part 3: The Streets

Practice, Then Showcase: Before revealing your tag to the world, practice in private. Use canvas, plywood, or your own walls to get comfortable with the spray can. Perfect your technique and avoid embarrassing blunders. Note, we do not condone writing on things that don't belong to you :).

Limber Up, Picasso: Art requires flexibility, my friend. Limber up your body before unleashing your masterpiece. A fluid tag demands a fluid body, so don't skip those stretches. Seriously, bend those knees and think of your body like a CNC machine.

Shake That Can: Give that spray can a good shake to ensure even consistency. Shake it like you mean it, even if you just put it down for a minute. Check the can's directions for shaking details – it's all about that smooth flow.

Cap It Up: Attach your spray cap away from the canvas to avoid any unexpected paint splatters. Safety first – don gloves and a mask to protect yourself from those chemicals.

Distance Dance: Experiment with your spray distance to master line thickness and dispersion. Closer for sharp lines, farther for fades and shadows. You're the conductor of your spray symphony.

Fast and Furious: Paint dries quickly, so keep it moving. Maintain constant motion to avoid drips and blunders. Practice various speeds to find your rhythm.

Location, Location, Location: You've got skills, but where to flaunt 'em? Choose your canvas wisely. Consider visibility, legality, and stealthiness. Your tag deserves the perfect stage.

From unraveling history to crafting your style and mastering the spray can, you're ready to hit the streets with flair. Immerse yourself in research, embrace trial and error, and unleash your inner artist. Stay safe friends!

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