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Ranked: Best graffiti tags of 2023

Ranked: Best graffiti tags of 2023

Okay, just to piss a few people off, i'm going to drop my top 10 graffiti handstyles for 2023 list. If you're looking for some handstyle inspo, this might just be the place to start searching. Disclaimer: This is only my current opinion, is subject to change at any moment. These tags are not necessarily from 2023, this is simply my 2023 opinion... Let the games begin..

1. Faust

No description needed, straight butter.

Faust graffiti handstyle 1Faust graffiti handstyle 2


2. Twist

Twist, always an absolute beast. His letters are some of the most crispy.

Twister 1Twister 2


3. Buster

Absurdly clean and smooth calligraffiti. One of my faves.

 Buster 1Buster 2


4. Poster

Poster has a more classic handstyle, but's a really dope new-york feeling flow.

Poster graffiti handstyle 1Poster graffiti handstyle


5. Revok

The god of aggressive, LA style handstyles. 

Revok graffiti handstyleRevok MSK graffiti handstyle


6. Boroe

An up and comer, who consistently delivers fire. 

Boroe graffiti handstyleBoroe graffiti handstyle


7. Remio

One of the best, nuff said

Remio Graffiti HandstyleRemio Graffiti Handstyle


8. Guns

Classic and clean, always love a guns tag.

Guns Graffiti HandstyleGuns Graffiti Handstyle


9. Malvo

Added Malvo to the list, this has got to be my favorite tag to see around. You'll always find one hiding in absurd places.

Malvo BTM graffiti handstyleMalvo BTM Graffiti Handstyle


Thoughts on the list? LMK, or drop your own list below. Peace!

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