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🚨 15,000+ ORDERS 🚨 929-266-7971 🚨

Sakura Super Slim

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Try the Sakura SC-S Mini for a fine stroke of genius! This marker quickly became one of my all time favorites, it has all the benefits of a Sakura Solid, but is perfect for hitting the tiny spots that the OG sakura is too thick for.

This slimmed down version of the classic Sakura solid paint marker is waterproof, UV resistant and super permanent once dry. Originally designed for use in industrial settings, the Mini can be used on wet surfaces as well as concrete, wood, metal, glass, canvas and more. The SC-S Mini Streak also features a unique break-away body for maximum product usage. Oil based.

Pro Tip: Only break away as much as needed each time, to keep the nib from snapping.

Color: Black

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