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Pilot Ink Refill

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One of the smoothest and most respected ink out there! This classic permanent ink has got a formula that flows so smoothly, you won't even believe it.

Check it - you can pair it with your Pilot Jumbo Marker, Pilot Broad Tip Marker, or the Pilot Fine Tip Marker to keep filled with the most permanent of juices. If you're into Magic Ink Minis Magic Ink Glass Body Empty Marker, this refill ink is perfect for you. Honestly, the combinations don't stop there, they're damn near infinite.

It comes in a 30ml glass jar and has a pipette for precision filling, these empty markers are about to get piped down. A note of caution -  if you're using it in a plastic mop, make sure to use it quickly. This formula's got Xylene, and that stuff can degrade plastic over time.

But here's the real deal - one bottle of this Pilot Refill Ink can fill a Pilot Jumbo about 10 times, that's what I call dealz. 

Color: Black

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