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OTR 009 superflow

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$7.99 - $7.99
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This marker is a compact, high-flow, squeezable masterpiece, equipped with an 18mm durable nylon mop tip. It's versatile, working seamlessly with On The Run's inks or paints, but also compatible with various oil or water-based paints, glue, and more.

Key Features to note:

  • It comes with a generous 50ml capacity, plenty for your creative endeavors.
  • The 18mm high-quality nylon mop tip ensures durability and smooth application.
  • It's particularly effective on smooth surfaces.
  • Optimized for use with On The Run's Soultip Paint, but it's not limited to that.
  • And yes, it's refillable, allowing for continuous use and creativity.

Manufactured in Germany, the OTR.009 Superflow combines functionality and quality, making it a reliable choice for artists who appreciate precision and versatility in their tools. Whether it's for detailed work or bold expressions, this marker stands as a testament to efficient and adaptable design.

Color: Fat Black