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🚨 15,000+ ORDERS 🚨 929-266-7971 🚨

Molotow Speedflow Ink

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Molotow Speedflow - the ink that's straight-up indestructible!vThis alcohol-based ink with synthetic bitumen is a heavy hitter. It's quick-drying and 100% buff-resistant, UV-resistant, weather-resistant, and abrasion-resistant. No matter what kind of crazy conditions you're working in, this ink will hold up.

But let's talk about that finish. The Speedflow dries with a copper-tinted gloss that's straight-up fire. It's similar to the Coversall ink, but with a unique twist.

  • alcohol based ink
  • UV, weather, buff, and abrasion resistant
  • 250ml refill
  • copper-tinted black finish