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Grog Squeezer 10 BPI

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The Revolutionary marker that's changing the game.

This marker is equipped with a 10 mm FLOWTEX Round Tip and a soft body, making it the perfect tool for bold, eye-catching lines. It's the marker that's taking over cities and changing the urban landscape.

But let's talk about the ink - the SQUEEZER 10 BPI comes filled with 70 ml of BUFF PROOF INK New Formula. This alcohol-based ink is unlike anything you've ever seen before. Squeeze it and watch it flow with ease, creating drips that won't stop.

Here are the top four features that make the SQUEEZER 10 BPI a revolutionary marker:

  1. 10 mm FLOWTEX Round Tip for creating bold, impactful lines.
  2. Soft body for a comfortable grip during long sessions.
  3. 70 ml of BUFF PROOF INK New Formula for high-quality dye-based ink.
  4. Revolutionary design that's changing the urban landscape.

So if you're looking to make a statement and take your art to the next level, the SQUEEZER 10 BPI is the marker for you. Don't wait, get yours today and join the revolution.

Color: Death Black