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Sakura Solid Marker

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$4.75 - $4.75
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Ahh, the Sakura Solid Marker. This is truly the holy grail of industrial markers, and a must have for any graffiti writers arsenal. Developed outside of the art scene, specifically for brutal industrial conditions, you can be assured these marks will hold up to the test of time. At only $4.75, it doesn't get much better than this.

This classic solid paint marker, or streaker, twists out like a stick of glue for easy access. Without a nib to worry about, these paint sticks can write on all industrial surfaces: rough, dusty, you name it. Sakura solids are buttery, pigmented, opaque, UV-resistant and waterproof. Pro tip: get 4 different colors, cut 'em into quarters and mix and match them back together for some buttery rainbow paint stick action.

  • 13mm solid paint tip
  • works on rough, rusty, smooth, or dirty surfaces
  • smooth, buttery marks
  • Blankslaps all-time favorite

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Color: White

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