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Best graffiti marker in 2023?

Best graffiti marker in 2023?

The best graffiti marker is a widely contested question, but i'll do my best below to break down my personal top list. We've handpicked the top 7 graffiti art supplies that will take your artwork to new heights. From versatile markers to powerful paint pens, these essentials from trusted brands will help you leave a lasting impression on the urban canvas. Get ready to elevate your graffiti game with these top picks!

  1. Uni Paint PX-30 - The ultra classic, a super durable oil based ink marker. Probably the GOAT marker. This marker creates bold and eye-catching lines. Its oil-based ink is weather-resistant and works wonders on various surfaces, ensuring your art stands the test of time. This is a top choice marker for drawing on our blank stickers.Uni px 30 permanent graffiti marker
  2. Sakura Solid Paint - Reliable and Dynamic: The Sakura Solid Paint Marker is a graffiti artist's reliable companion. Its solid paint formula ensures longevity, and its chisel tip enables both wide strokes and fine lines. This versatile marker offers endless creative possibilities.Sakura Solid graffiti marker
  3. Grog Squeezer 10mm BPI - Embrace the Squeeze Flow: The Grog Squeezer 10mm BPI offers a unique and exciting experience for graffiti artists. With its soft body, you can control the flow of ink by squeezing the marker, giving you full command over your lines and drips.Squeezer 05 FMP
  4. Sakura Super Slim - Similar to a standard sakura, but much smaller in size. This one is good for super small, cutty handstyles that evade the buff. A really awesome market for small tags that last a long time.Sakura Super Slim Marker
  5. Krink K-60 - A super classic mop that has consistently been a fan favorite. A little on the expensive side, but the paint - KR's legendary custom formula -  is of unparalleled quality. Its high-quality ink flows smoothly and delivers vibrant colors, making it a favorite among graffiti artists worldwide.Krink k 60 permanent paint mop for graffiti

  6. Molotow 660PI - A really rad pump based marker, the 660 is a heavy hitter, and generally really good all-around marker. A fat chisel nib that allows you to make cool calligraphy style lines if you want, or, you can just use the rounded tip of the nib to make smaller, juicy black lines. This was my favorite marker for a period of 5 years.Molotow 660PI graffiti marker

  7. Uni Paint PX-20 Marker - The little brother of the PX-30, the px-20 boats a smaller, more precise nib 2.2mm nib. For smaller work, or thinner lines, the Uni Paint PX-20 Marker is a standout choice.It's an excellent choice for drawing on our blank eggshell stickers. Its 2.2mm bullet tip delivers clean lines, making it an essential tool for defining your graffiti masterpieces.Uni px 20 permanent marker colors

No matter which marker you pick, you can't really go wrong - these top picks from trusted brands are sure to make your extra buttery and just that much more unforgettable. Of course, all these markers, and more,  are available on the Blankslaps at excruciatingly low prices.

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