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How to Improve your Graffiti Handstyle

How to Improve your Graffiti Handstyle

  1. Study the Legends: First things first, check out the OG graffiti artists. To name a random bunch, check out the Twist, Buster, Remio, Revok, Guns, Gusto. Examine their letter structure, spacing and approach. Take notes, get inspired, and put your own spin on it.Buster Graffiti Handstyle

  2. Practice Makes Perfect: Ain't no shortcuts, my friend. You're gonna have to practice this baby 10,000 times plus in your blackbook to really get it right. Get your tools ready, a juicy ballpoint pen, or mechanical pencil, and start grinding. The more you practice, the better your handstyle will get. Embrace the hustle!

    Guns graffiti handstyle
  3. Keep It Simple: At first, just master the letters. Get the basics dialed, and everything else will come easy. If your tag doesn't look cool until you added an arrow, that's a bad sign. No need for fancy frills. Stick to sharp, readable letters. Simplicity speaks volumes.Revok graffiti handstyle

  4. Connect the Dots: Level up your handstyle by linking those letters like a pro. Experiment with connections that flow and give your piece a fresh vibe.Revok graffiti handstyle

  5. Break the rules: Time to let loose! Add some personal flair with loops, arrows, or whatever sets your style on fire. 

    remio graffiti handstyle
  6. Consistency Is Key: Own your style, keep it consistent in size, spacing, and angles.

  7. Get Feedback: Don't be shy. Share your graffiti with other artists and crews. Get feedback, learn, and grow.

  8. Use the tool for the job: It helps to have the right marker or mop to get the look you want. An Uni PX-30 is a fantastic marker to start off with. Want drippy lines? You could start off with a Grog 10 FMP, they come in a super sick range of colors. Like a marker without a nib that can write on anything? A Sakura Solid could be a good marker for you. Don't forget to check out our store to find the best deals on the coolest handstyle supplies. 

Alright, there you have it. Take these tips to heart, and you'll be raising eyebrows with your handstyle in no time. Keep it original!

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