Uni Px 30 oil based paint marker colorways
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Uni PX-30

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  • -8mm (3/8") chisel nib
  • -UV resistant and weatherproof paint
  • -Extremely opaque, buttery silver
  • -Refillable, metal, valve-based marker
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This popular valve-action marker has a 8mm chisel tip nib and is filled with weather resistant, opaque, oil-based paint. It has a refillable metal body, can write on nearly all surfaces, and dries with a glossy finish. Pro tip: Uni paint is known to separate, so be sure to shake these markers well before pumping the valve. A Blankslaps all-time favorite.
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Product vid coming soon. Stay tuned.
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sardo 7/9/2020

love the black. the silver is super shiny with great flow. great value.
Odesk 7/9/2020

Loud to carry. Oil based black is the only marker to use on eggshell whites. Get with the program!
HIKS1 ABK 03.06.21

the silver is insanely buttery. best silver out fa sho !
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