100 blank Holographic Egg Shell Stickers
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holographic blanks

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  • -100 10x6cm eggshell blanks
  • -Easy-peel tabs
  • -Fade & water resistant ink
  • -Shiny, holographic finish
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Egg shell stickers get their name and fame because once they stick, they can't be peeled off in one piece. Composed of a thin, brittle material and an ultra bonding adhesive, egg shells are notorious for their staying power and coveted by graffiti writers and street artists alike. Our weatherproof egg shell blanks will bond to all materials, including concrete, rust, stucco, metal, wood etc. They'll even stick to damp surfaces. Over time, these stickers will only adhere more strongly to the materials they're placed on.
United States
  • Ship this item alone for $3
  • Delivery time is 2-5 days
  • $7 flat rate shipping available
  • Free shipping over $70
Other Countries
  • This item ships alone, with tracking, for ~$13.50
  • $35 flat rate shipping available up to 1000 stickers
  • $25 canadian flat rate shipping available up to 1000 stickers
  • Shipped with tracking via USPS, UPS, or FedEx unless otherwise requested
  • Delivery time: 4-14 days
  • Buyer may be subject to import fees based on country
Product vid coming soon. Stay tuned.
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Coe3 bkc 7/9/2020

These blank slaps are just like the egg shell stickers they literally stick on anything and blank slaps ship ASAP to u I got mines in 2 days . Super fast shipping highly recommended.
DiA CREW 7/9/2020

Slaps are good quality. Last long time.
ALIEN 7/9/2020

Blank slaps has amazing quality eggshell stickers, I live in Colorado where the weather is mostly cold but very hot in the summer, and very high in elevation. I had put up at least a couple hundred last summer/fall and they are all still up and half of them were just scratched because the buff gave up seconds later. Whenever I buy eggshells or recommend them to someone, I definitely show them the Blankslaps website! The holographic eggshells are so bright, I can literally see some of my stickers from a long distance because they are reflective with the sun/light
OaksOne 7/9/2020

This holographic Blankslaps are dope as fuck!!! Super smooth to flow on and that shine is on point.
@jaytums 7/9/2020

Are the shit! Super shiny, doesn't fade, and they last forever. Best deal for quality holos for sure.
ChrisRWK 7/9/2020

I've used a lot of stickers in my time and these are by far some of the finest. I highly recommend them.
@fucktcel 7/9/2020

The best eggshell blanks all around. The holos specifically are very eye catching and vibrant. Easy to peel and hard to buff. Oldest one of mine is still up. Also it's from Brooklyn, so that's just an added bonus because I live in NY as well.
oem_ed6_cr2 7/9/2020

Very easy to peel off backing and stick anywhere! The holographic stickers are a definite must buy, love the whites and biggie postage slap!
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