Darth Maul double sided carbide scribe for etching
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darth maul scribe

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  • -Double ended scribe
  • -Comes with two twist-off metal caps
  • -Solid carbide nib
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This double-ended scribe has pure carbide tips for easy etching on glass, ceramic and most metal surfaces. With a fine tip on one end and a thicker tip at the other, this versatile tool can produce both detailed and pronounced lines. It also comes with screw-on metal caps for both ends. We recommend wearing eye protection when etching glass.
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Product vid coming soon. Stay tuned.
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@jaytums 7/7/09

Man. You know what your getting this for. And you aren't gonna regret it. This shit is sharp. Doesn't dull. And it's double sided. Totally worth it.
Joe Shmoe 7/9/2020

This scribe is pretty dope. The the side with the larger carbide is best for glass/tile. The smaller side is good for plastic/toilet seat.. You grimey writers know what i am talking about. Overall good cop, definitely replaced my other pen.
Specks 7/9/2020

Shit is sharp and good for mirror etchings, ik what ur buying this for, and this is pretty sick to use!!!
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