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🚨 13,000+ ORDERS 🚨 FREE SHIPPING OVER $75 (USA) 🚨 929-266-7971 🚨

Magic Ink Super Broad Marker

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Original price
$12.49 - $12.49
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 Get ready for the JUMBO permanent marker straight outta Japan that's gonna make all your tags pop.

This baby is no ordinary marker - it's oil-based, fade-resistant and tough as nails. That means your artwork is gonna stay looking fresh for way longer than any of those weak markers out there. The Black MGD is not only refillable but it's got a dope aluminum body that's built to last. Plus, it's got an extra-wide, replaceable 10mm x 18mm nib that's perfect for all your creative needs.

Whether you're tagging up a wall, creating a masterpiece on canvas or putting up posters, the Black MGD has got you covered. It's versatile enough to work on metal, plastic, fabric and more. Leggo.

Color: Black