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UniPosca Markers

Shop for UniPosca and Uni markers and paintpens. There's a reason why these are universally loved. With a great range of colors, and tools for applications ranging from drawing to industrial marking, they have supplies for everyone. The UniPoscas are non-toxic and great for indoor uses, while the Unis are better for stickers and creating long-lasting marks outdoors.


Uni Px 30 oil based paint marker colorways
Uni PX-30
$5.99 USD
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Uni PX20 Oil-Based paint pens colorways
Uni PX-20
$2.99 USD
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UniPosca PC3m drawing marker
UniPosca Pc-3m
$3.50 USD
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UniPosca pc 5m
UniPosca Pc-5m
$3.99 USD
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